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This section shows a historical sample of marketing and design clients over the years. Obviously not every job is included but the list should provide a good representation.  I like to work with people I like, and I like to work with them for a long time.

Multimedia Presentations / Playback / Control

Abbott Laboratories - Many medical CD-ROMs
AFP - CD ROM's & exhibition promos
Alfa Laval - Presentations & exhibition promos
Bristol-Myers Squibb - Medical CD-ROMs
Castelle - Demo-disk + exhibition display
CRAC - Interactive Video CD's & DVD
EON Productions 007 - Video walls & CGfx
Extended Systems - CD ROM, demos, screensaver
Ferring Pharmacueticals - Medical CD-ROMs
Field Efficiency Systems - Demo-disk
Fontware Ltd - Demo-disks
UK GRAD Program - Multimedia CDs
Intepro Systems - Demo-disks
Maptech - CD ROM Demo
MacLaren - Interactive Presentations
Paramount Pictures - Mission Impossible video wall & CGfx
Pattonair Exhibition - Exhibition promo
Pfizer - Interactive CDs
Rightfax Corporation - Demo-disks
Sanofi-Synthelabo - Many medical CD-ROMs
Schaffner EMC - Demo-disk, CD ROM, screensaver
Servier Laboratories - Medical CD-ROMs
Specialist Schools Trust - Interactive CD
Stortz Opthalmic - Audio CD-ROMs
System Builder - Demo CD-ROM
Techland Group - Demo-disk
Tranmit plc - Demo CD-ROMs, CBT Modules
Tye Phillips - Many pharmacuetical CD Presentations
UCB Pharma - Interactive Medical CD-ROMs
United Artists Corporation - Hackers video wall & CGfx
UC24 - Interactive graphics playback
Useful Companies - All-sorts of stuff
Wisdom Works - Video Presentation
Zaltman Films - Fifth Element CGfx

007 GoldenEye Arecibo Complex
Feature Film Credits

Man on Fire
Tomb Raider
The World is not Enough
Mission Impossible
Microsoft TV commercials
Tomorrow Never Dies
Une Chance sur Deux
Fifth Element


Web & Internet Development

Atlantic International
Balliu UK
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Daltons Solicitors
Data Display UK
Film & Television Freelance Training
Forward Communications
Hampshire Gardencraft
Hayling Ferry Sailing Club
Imperial Stone
International Sanskrit Examination Resource
Janet Hill Ventures
Leitner-Wise Defense
Meganet Internet
Midlands School of Philosophy
Mouth Ulcers Home Page
Mouth Ulcers Shop
Pet Price
Plato Forum
Production Guild of Great Britain
School of Economic Science
Serendipity Graphics
Southern Gun Company
Southsea Deckchairs
Specialist Schools Trust
St James Independent Schools
Training Development Solutions
Useful Companies
Waterlooville & District Neighbourhood Watch Association
Wisdom Works
XyliGum UK


Conferences & Exhibitions

AA - Multimedia Exhibition Stand
AC Nielson - Conference
AFP - Annual Reseller Conference
ALLNet - Product Launch
Automobile Association - London Motorshow
Aggreko - Conferences
Astra Pharmaceuticals - Sales Conference
AVR/AVG - Conferences Sales Conferences
BAUS - Medical Symposia
Boots Pharmaceuticals - Sales Conference
CCT Dermatology 2000 - Medical Symposium
Celltec Pharmaceuticals - Sales Conferences
City of Portsmouth - Tourism & Development presentations
Cyanamid Pharmaceuticals - Presentations to Employees
Davis & Geck Pharmaceuticals - Presentations to Employees
Ericsson Cellular Systems - AGM
European Printing Systems Ltd - Networks Exhibition
Extended Systems Ltd - Finance IT & Networks Exhibitions
FESnv - Product Launch
Festival of Thailand - Barbican Exhibition
Glaxo - Sales Conference
Hampshire 100 - Launch and Exhibition
Hampshire County Council - Assorted video & conferences
Honda Motorcycles - Product Launch
IBM UK - Corporate Seminars
ICL - Kick-Off Events
Infolink - Sales Conference
IofW - Isle of Wight Experience
Lada - Product Launch
Mdina Experience - Malta
Mediva Pharmaceuticals - Sales Conferences
Nortel Networks - Conferences/roadshow
Opthalmology Congress - Medical symposia
Paramount Pictures - International Reseller Conference
Rank Xerox - Sales Conferences
Rhône-Poulenc - International conferences
Roussel Pharmaceuticals - International conferences
Royal College of Ophthalmology - Medical symposia
Revlon - Product Launch
Samsung UK - National Roadshows
Scot Rail - Roadshows
TSB Bank - Presentation to Employees
Tye Phillips - Domestic & international conferences
Universal Studios - Thunderbirds presentations
Useful Companies - Domestic & international conferences
Wellcome - Sales Conference
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals - Conferences


Granger Electronics
Hampshire County Council
Isle of Wight Experience
Lewmar Marine
Mouth Ulcers Shop
Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust
Office Technology Expo
Plessey Defence

Portsmouth City Council
Schmap Guides
Southsea Deckchairs
Squigle Inc
The News



AVI Communications - process documentation
IBM UK Manufacturing Plant - process documentation
Intepro Systems - end-user software manuals
University of Portsmouth - process training documentation
Schaffner EMC - end-user software manuals
Useful Companies - end-user hardware manuals
UCNS - policy documentation

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