I have been in business for over 30 years.  During that time I have started, grown and sold three viable businesses, the last one was very successful (and continues to be so for the new owner).  Sure there have been a couple of duffers, but no real disasters - the closest was when I took over someone else's business, that wasn't so good.



Things I can help with ad hoc:

  • Understanding the 12 key numbers that rule your business

  • Marketing collateral quality assessment

  • Follow up processes

  • Pricing review

  • Streamlining workflow

  • Residents right to manage

  • Import/export

  • Process and policy documentation


I am licensed to coach the Entrepreneurs Circle Marketing & Sales System in its entirety. 

It is a fully-fledged comprehensive process to establish real goals, analyse and maximise profitability, and measure the effectiveness of marketing assets in order to rhythmically get and keep customers.  By using real numbers and measurable results it takes out all the guesswork, you need to do this.

I like to work one to one with CEO's, entrepreneurs and inventors, to help preserve the passion that started their business. No one set out to own a job.



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There’s no psychobabble, no selling, just an open ear.

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