Self employed entrepreneur since 1988, I have built, managed or worked on sixteen viable businesses, I have sold four of them, the last one was very successful and continues to be so for the new owner.  Sure there were a couple of bleeding duffers, but no real disasters. 
I am no billionaire, but I have had a blast, you should too.

Strategic Advice


Things I can help with ad hoc, or as non-executive director
(make me a non-executive director, I like to be a director of things,
it pets my ego):

  • Getting your products to market/manufacture

  • Toasting your marketing

  • Streamlining your workflow

  • Sharpening your advertising copy writing

  • Financial - getting your numbers right



I like to work with creative people - entrepreneurs, artists and inventors, to help make their thing a success and preserve the passion that started their journey. No one set out to own a job. If you are not happy doing the stuff you do there is no point, you can keep the happiness and make some dosh, really you can.



Join my irreverent Business Support group: Studio 411 or Ping me a message, I like talking about business stuff and am always up for a new interesting project - interesting people and interesting projects are what motivate me.  There’s no psychobabble, no relentless spewing of video content and emails and texts day in day out, just an objective, open ear.

Studio 411, Dom Walton's private Business Support group