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Unemployable for over 30 years.  I have built up assorted businesses and have sold four of them, the last one was very successful and continues to be so for the new owner.  Sure there were a couple of duffers, but no real disasters.


Corporate Communications is the trading name for the professional services I have to offer.  When I started in November 1988, the main focus was conference production, at that time "corporate communications" was what it was called.  People used to pay by cheque back then,  they started making them out to "corporate communications" that's how it became the name of my business.  Domain names didn't exist then, otherwise I'd have chosen something shorter.

Wombat Lab c. 1985, photo credit Fraser Donachie

The conference industry in the 80's was exciting, really exciting, highly creative and very rock'n'roll. Tape-slide was the main medium, sometimes called multivision or just AV, when 35mm film, the AVL Eagle & Genesis were state-of-the-art.  It doesn't exist any more.


I have been involved in films, advertising, conferences, product launches, medical symposia, exhibitions, multimedia, video, photography, print design, residential management, mail-order, import/export and Internet and web development. Whether it's for entertainment, government, medical, education, import or export - you will have already seen my work somewhere, sometime, certainly on the telly.


I have gradually adopted a more holistic approach towards the whole business thing, rather than doing the do on a daily basis, but, you know... one day it would be really cool if out of the blue, somebody phoned up needing an AVL programmer.

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