This section is for businesses owners and entrepreneurs who wish to get the fundamentals of their businesses on track.  Whether it is getting the
all-important numbers right or sales and marketing strategy.


With a background in creative production for: conferences, exhibitions, video, multimedia and feature films.  You will have seen my work on the telly. 

This section lists the creative services currently available.


A historical sample of clients and work over the years. Obviously not every job is included but the list should provide a good representation.  I like to work with people I like, and I like to work with them for a long time.


* not entirely sure I know what this means.


Unemployable for over 30 years.  Corporate Communications is me and the professional services I offer.  When I started in November 1988, the focus was conference production, back then "corporate communications" was what it was called.  So I've stuck with it.

I have built up, marketed and sold a number of other businesses over the years.  The last one was a highly specialist oral healthcare mail-order business, which is still going from strength to strength.



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