Dom 'n' Jem's Line Up Tool

Windows Line-up tool for AV Engineers

That's right, the first new version since v2.6 in 1999 is here!

This is a line-up tool designed to assist on-site AV crew for setting up projection screens when using graphics from PCs running Windows. It provides a number of test patterns that are created at run-time to fill the Windows desktop. The outside single pixel border on the Line-up grid (not the hash) is at the outermost pixel of the desktop.

Keyboard controls

1 - Instructions page
2 - Line-up grid
3 - Greyscale
4 - Colour bars
5 - Vertical lines: single and 2 pixel lines
6 - Horizontal lines: single pixel and 2 pixel lines
7 - Hash (square grid): white, green, red, green, blue, green/red (yellow), green/blue (cyan), red/blue (magenta)
8 - Plain field: white, 70% grey, red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, magenta, black

Repeat pressing buttons 5 - 8 to cycle through the options

Press ESC to quit.

Mouse control

Left mouse button cycles through the different patterns
Right mouse button cycles through options for the current pattern


LineUpTool.exe 460KB 400KB

The download and use of this utility is welcome and free, but, entirely at your own risk. If you like it please share it.