Win7 Brother HL-1440 Driver .inf help

Get your networked HL-1440 to work with Win7 64-bit

Here's the situation, an old but reliable workhorse of a printer sits attached to an old XP machine.  You try to get your Windows 7 64-bit machines to use it and you have a problem.  Between them Brother and Microsoft offer Jack, less than Jack actually.

The stumbling block is a .inf file, you don't know what it should be called or where it should be found (nice).

Well I eventually found a one in a zipped up Vista PCL installer here.

I didn't run the installer, I simply tried to connect to the printer which caused a "printer installation wizard" to start. After waiting around for nothing to happen it eventually says it doesn't know what to do and needs a .inf file.

The Vista PCL installer contains such a file and it appears to work.

To save fannying around you can download a zipped up installer here

 Unzip it to a folder and point the printer installation wizard to the folder.