Windows Tone Generator for Sound and AV Engineers

Wow... that's right, the first new version since v2.4 in 1999 is here!

This is a tone generator designed to assist on-site sound engineers when setting up audio outputs from PCs running Windows. In the auditorium when presenters insist on using their own machines at the lectern it negates the need for the engineer to run from the lectern back to the desk before the Microsoft sound has finished playing, which is sub-cool.

It outputs a constant 100% (0db) peak-to-peak sine wave (44.1kHz sample rate - 16-bit) from the wave channel of the sound card.

Output levels vary a lot between different sound cards, indeed, sound devices built on to the motherboard can provide particularly crappy sound, all you can do is adjust the levels so it sounds clean. Remember that the 3.5mm stereo jack output of the PC has to go to two non-balanced inputs. Using a DI box is highly recommended.

Keyboard controls

1 - 100Hz
2 - 440Hz Concert A
3 - 700Hz
4 - 1kHz
5 - 10kHz
6 - White noise
7 - Pink noise
8 - Brown noise

S - Stereo
L - Left channel only
R - Right channel only
M - Mute

V - Attempts to open the Windows volume control or mixer console

ESC - Close the utility

Mouse control

Left mouse button cycles through the different tones
Right mouse button cycles through: stereo - left - right - mute


DomTone.exe 1.5MB 1.1MB

The download and use of this utility is welcome and free, but, entirely at your own risk. If you like it please share it.