About Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications has been providing creative technical solutions for commercial multi-media applications for over 28 years. Communications is what it was called back then, when mobile phones were just phones, and the web was still just a proposal.

Dom Walton c.1985I started it in November 1988 to supply audio-visual support for conference production companies, producing audio-visual modules and soundtracks, when 35mm film, the AVL Eagle & Genesis, and mag tape were state-of-the-art.

The conference industry in the 80's was exciting, really exciting, highly creative and very rock'n'roll. Tape-slide was the main medium, sometimes called multivision or just AV, it doesn't exist any more. The industry was very freelance-centric, and to this day Corporate Communications still relies upon excellent freelance personnel.

I have been involved in films, advertising, conferences, product launches, medical symposia, exhibitions, multimedia, video, photography, brochures and Internet and web development. Whether it's for entertainment, government, medical or education - unless you have been trapped in a bog in a remote jungle you will have already seen my work somewhere, sometime.

I like to think that one day somebody will phone up needing an AVL programmer.