Project Tally

This list shows a breakdown of the types of project undertaken over the years, there is quite a lot of cross-over but I have tried to divide them up based upon the main component of each project. The sum of the numbers seems to fall well short of that shown in my job book, so I must have missed some out... it should be enough to provide a flavour of Corporate Communications' output over the years.

141 Multimedia presentations (CD, DVD, kiosk, museum, exhibition)

177 Internet & web development

161 User Interfaces 

80 Conferences (sales, product launches, business)

94 Audio-visual modules (tape-slide, video)

31 Medical symposia & congress

27 Videos (corporate, historical, travel)

40 Soundtracks

35 Photography and computer graphics (for print, exhibitions)

10 Feature films (24 frame computer and video)

23 Writing (technical, training, reference, manuals)

9 Interactive exhibition stands