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I use an established process for business growth - you can too.


It is a comprehensive process to establish real goals, analyse and maximise profitability, and measure the effectiveness of marketing assets in order to rhythmically get and keep customers. By using real numbers and measurable results it takes out the guesswork – no use in having turnover with little or no profit.


The process can be applied to any business, however I have a team of one (me) so; I like to work 1:1 with entrepreneurs with viable businesses that need help growing to the next level, and beyond. You are probably the best at what you do, you may have invented the best thing – but it is easy to go a bit wacko on the business stuff when you are in the weeds, I have been in there and found the way out, you can too.


Experienced businessman and entrepreneur, unemployable for 3+ decades. The last business I sold was a highly specialist oral-health mail-order business, providing relief for people with mouth ulcers and dry mouth (xerostomia), the key to its success was ultra-specific marketing and excellent customer service. Background in commercial multimedia production and marketing. I have worked internationally and you will have seen my work on the telly.


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Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coach